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Real Estate Disputes Archives

Handling complex real estate dispute matters

Maryland real estate transactions often involve complex issues, and they sometimes may lead to disputes that require litigation in order to resolve them. Whether you are a developer, seller, business, individual, investor, condominium association, tenant or commercial landlord, a lot can be at stake if you are embroiled in such a dispute.

Common commercial lease disputes

Many Maryland business owners choose to lease space for their companies as opposed to purchasing commercial real estate. In some cases, they will have disputes with their commercial landlords about the terms of their leases or some other issues. If you are currently involved in a dispute with your commercial landlord, it may be very frustrating and may be costing your business money.

Nuns don't want to sell their estate to Katy Perry

Maryland residents may be interested to learn about a real estate dispute involving pop star Katy Perry. The singer is attempting to purchase an eight-acre estate from the Los Angeles Catholic Archbishop for $14.5 million. However, a group of elderly nuns who lived on the estate for four decades argue that they control the deed. After learning about anti-religious statements that Katy Perry has made, the nuns say that selling to her would violate their canonical vows.

Couple says realtor did not tell them home had snakes

A couple in Maryland is suing their real estate agent and other parties after they discovered that the home they purchased was infested with snakes. The husband and wife, who have a 9-month-old daughter and 4-year-old son, bought the Annapolis home for $410,000 in December 2014 and moved into it in January 2015. As the weather got warmer, the couple discovered snakes were living in the home.

Children of former partner sue Vikings co-owner

Maryland football fans may be interested to learn about a lawsuit that was recently filed in New Jersey against a co-owner of the Minnesota Vikings, Zygi Wilf and his father, Joseph Wilf. The lawsuit was filed by the children of Meyer Gold, a former partner of Zygi Wilf in a real estate development project.

Undisclosed defects when purchasing a home

As Maryland homeowners may know, buying a new house may be a joyous occasion until the buyer is faced with a major defect in the home that was not disclosed. For instance, an undisclosed leak in the roof may be a costly repair and may damage interior wiring and insulation. However, the new homeowner may have recourse to recover damages for a hidden defect.

Maryland homeowners and insurance coverage for natural disasters

In Maryland and other states, homeowners may be surprised to find that the terms of their home insurance policies are not what they seem. In the interest of reducing the cost of paid claims, most insurance companies offer varying coverage for natural disasters known as 'acts of God." In many cases, homeowners living near high-risk areas for a natural disaster may have limited or nonexistent coverage in the event that their home is hit by a flood, hurricane, tornado or landslide.

Understanding homestead laws in Maryland

A homeowner facing serious financial challenges might worry about the loss of a home in case of bankruptcy. Most states, including Maryland, have laws that offer certain protections in such cases. By designating a property as a homestead, it may be protected from action by creditors of certain types.

Sinclair CEO fighting corn farmer for control of land

Reports say that the CEO of Sinclair, a broadcasting giant, is involved in a land dispute with a Maryland farmer. After purchasing 235 acres of farmland in March 2013, the CEO has been fighting with a corn farmer over control of a 95-acre portion of the land. Recently, on July 20, a contractor hired by the CEO allegedly destroyed the entire crop of corn 75 days before it was due to be harvested.