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Land Use & Zoning Archives

Considerations when purchasing a vacant lot

Maryland real estate investors who are considering purchasing a vacant lots should keep a number of points in mind. It is important to check the zoning for the lot and make sure that it has the right authorization for the investor's purposes. This means that for a business, it must have commercial zoning, and for a mixed business and residence, the zoning must be mixed use.

Zoning trouble results in $60,000 fine for Maryland farmer

Maryland workers who are in the agricultural industry should be aware that Howard County zoning officials are cracking down on farmers who park commercial vehicles on their properties. The issue stems from agricultural zoning regulations that limit the number of commercial vehicles that can be parked on farms.

Zoning laws for commercial real estate

Before purchasing a piece of property in Maryland, it is very important to understand the property's zoning. Every jurisdiction will categorize real estate zones in different ways, but combinations of letters and numbers are usually used. For example, the code for a commercial property will typically start with the letter 'C" followed by a specific number to signify the property's subcategory.

Renting commercial space

Business owners in Maryland may opt to rent the business spaces they need instead of purchasing the commercial properties for a variety of reasons. However, before they sign a lease for a new business space, there are some factors they should consider.

Planned Maryland solar farm running into zoning hurdles

A proposed 300-acre solar farm is running into hurdles in Kent County from the Kent Conservation and Preservation Alliance and the county's commissioners. The Virginia-based company behind the project, Apex Clean Energy, is scheduled to have a motions hearing concerning the issues the county commissioners raised.

Wind farm project stalled because of zoning issues

A county zoning board in western Maryland rejected a real estate developer's application for a zoning variance. The owner of Dan's Mountain Wind Force was planning to build 17 wind-power turbines on Dan's Mountain near Cumberland. After the project was rejected in 2015, the developer filed for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. On March 7, Allegany County filed an objection to the developer's plan with the state Public Service Commission.

Beer garden plans may benefit from council zoning

Maryland residents in search of new ways to enjoy alcohol may be pleased to learn that farmers in the state have been working for legislation that could permit some farms to also operate breweries. One such bill was proposed at the state level by a Harford County executive during his time in the Maryland General Assembly. The same official subsequently moved to institute a municipal rule that would also permit the commercial consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages at the farms that produced them.

Supreme Court makes decision on housing discrimination

Maryland residents who have been victimized by housing discrimination may gain some relief following a narrow decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The June 2015 ruling upheld the applicability of the federal Fair Housing Act to a case in which the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. In this case, Dallas officials had applied federal vouchers more predominantly in low-income neighborhoods, and the court ruled that such action could have a disparate impact on minorities and thus be subject to the FHA even if it wasn't intentional.

An overview of zoning types in Maryland

People who are considering the purchase of real estate for a specific intended use should always make certain that the area in which the property is located is zoned for it. Zoning is used within a particular jurisdiction in order to designate that areas be used for specified purposes only.