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Elements of a construction contract

Construction contractors and Maryland developersmay encounter some common issues with the construction contract. For example, the scope of the work should be clearly defined based on contract documents in addition to specifications and drawings. The responsibility for making up for any inconsistencies in these documents, such as a different quality of material, should be that of the contractor. Any changes should be documented.

Superintendents may be prevented from making personal appeals

Each year, Maryland school superintendents travel to the state capital in order to make personal appeals for needed funds for school construction projects. The annual event, colloquially known as the "beg-a-thon", has been criticized by some as being overly politicized by members of the Board of Public Works for their own agendas.

Dealing with issues involving construction defects in Maryland

When a new home is built in a defective manner, the homeowner may believe that the contractor who built the home is liable for that defect. There are a variety of allegations that can be made, including that the contractor engaged in negligent behavior, breached a contract between the two parties or acted in a fraudulent manner.

Understanding various types of construction defects

Maryland construction professionals can deal with a variety of challenges in both the design and execution phases of a project. Some defects may manifest even while the project is still underway. Others may take several years to become apparent. The nature of some of these defects can be major, resulting in safety being compromised for those who use the facility in question. Other defects may be more decorative in nature. However, defective work can be inconvenient and costly for the property owner who must address these issues at a later date.

Construction disputes and legal issues

Construction projects in Maryland affect many parties, and disputes can crop up for various reasons. Resolution is not always easy, making it important to consider legal assistance as you attempt to work through misunderstandings. Although litigation may be the eventual direction taken as you try to reach that resolution, there may be alternative steps that can minimize court costs and time.

Construction disputes in Maryland

Those involved in construction projects or careers may find that they face contract disputes at times, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to ensure that goals such as deadlines are met. Although it may not be possible to avoid all disputes, having your contracts drafted by an experienced legal team may help in limiting the possibility for misunderstandings. When disputes do occur, it is possible to work with these same professionals to address the issues according to the law.

How can someone avoid a mechanic's lien?

Maryland property owners should know what a mechanic's lien is. A mechanic's lien is a legal claim that a subcontractor or a supplier can make against a property if they have not received payment for their work by the general contractor. Regardless of whether the general contractor has been paid for all of the work done, the claim puts the financial burden on the property owner.

Maryland mechanic's liens

The state of Maryland provides the ability of people who have repaired, improved or constructed real property to seek payment for the work performed by placing mechanic's liens against the property. By seeking and obtaining a mechanic's lien, contractors may ensure they are compensated for the work they performed for the property owner.

Addressing construction defects in Maryland

Unfortunately, sometimes construction companies make construction errors, resulting in defects that can lead to structural and other problems. People are able to file a construction defect claim in order to recover damages, as long as they file the claim within Maryland's applicable statute of limitations.