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Obtaining real estate funding

Maryland commercial real estate developers may be able to obtain the funds they need from a startup located in the Washington, D.C., area. RealAtom is a web-based lending platform that offers services similar to those offered by LendingTree. LendingTree connects lenders with borrowers interested in obtaining credit cards or mortgages, and RealAtom is designed to connect individuals interested in borrowing money for commercial real estate with lenders.

An example of how the system works is that developers who are interested in financing for a new commercial construction project put their information into the system. Lenders can then see this listing, and RealAtom helps both lenders and developers by matching them up based on their loan requirements so that lenders aren't looking at a large number of financing requests that they won't be interested in.

The service, which is only a few months old, already seems to be meeting with success. It has already registered 200 lenders, which include agency lenders as well as community banks. One of the possible reasons for the initial success of the site is that, while there are already platforms that do what they do for residential real estate, it's much harder to create a similar platform for commercial real estate due to its complexity.

Obtaining financing for a real estate venture is just one part of successful investing. People also need to be aware of regulations related to real estate, including how funds can be used and what obligations individuals have to investors. Additionally, individuals should be aware of issues related to zoning, such as environmental regulations and land use requirements, and a lawyer can be helpful in this regard.

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