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How technology simplifies real estate investing

From property management platforms and big data analytics to lending and investment marketplaces, commercial real estate investing in Maryland and across the US is easier today than ever. With advancements made since 2015, such as process automation and smart cities, commercial real estate businesses are likely to grow.

Comprehensive property management is a platform that not only investors can enjoy, but it is also great technology for tenants, property managers and landlords. With the variety of companies that offer sophisticated platforms, investors can select the one that is most suitable for their type of business. These platforms allow them to keep track of many aspects of their investments, including conversing with tenants via their smartphones and keeping track of maintenance requests and rent rolls.

There are also varieties of lending and investment marketplaces available to the commercial sector. These marketplaces present quick access to various funding options, such as crowdfunding and traditional loans, to meet the financial needs of commercial real estate investors. In regards to investment marketplaces, commercial investors can select from hundreds of lenders, many of whom are private citizens who want to invest in commercial real estate projects.

Big Data analytics is also having a big impact on commercial real estate and industries. With this technology, property owners and investors are more informed to make important decisions pertaining to the disposition, management and acquisition of their properties. Commercial real estate investors can also enjoy the growing number of search platforms and listing services available. There are many types of listing services with various functions appropriate for flexible workspaces, industrial spaces, multi-family properties and multi-floor properties.

Although innovative technology can greatly benefit investors, an experienced lawyer could help resolve unexpected matters, such as legal disputes and liability issues. Legal counsel could also assist with land use requirements, zoning issues and environmental regulations.Source: Realty Biz News, "5 ways tech is shaking up commercial real estate", Mike Wheatley, March 6, 2017

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