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CRE growth in the Southeast

Commercial real estate investors in Maryland may be interested to know that because of rapid growth, the southeastern part of the country is becoming a major economic player with an expanding base. With the cities of Miami and Atlanta, which account for more than half of the region's global commercial real estate investments, and the strong growth and educated workforce of smaller cities, the Southeast region would be able to form the sixth largest country in the world and would have a growth rate that would surpass that of any of the top five countries.

The expansion of the industrial sector in the Southeast is being powered by not only import and export activity, but also by increases in employment and activity in manufacturing. As a result, the region has a record low industrial real estate vacancy rate. E-commerce users are taking advantage of the strategic settings of Orlando, Atlanta, and particularly Memphis, which has experienced an excessive distribution activity when compared to the market's size.

A boost in office construction may be seen in the region, given the rise in the population, employment growth and strong market conditions. Nashville is one city to note as it responsible for one third of all of the office space constructed in the Southeast during the last two years. Over the next two years, the city is expected to account for 3.5 million more square footage of office space.

The laws governing commercial real estate may be complicated to navigate for some investors. An attorney may advise a client of the laws relevant to certain types of transactions. The attorney may also provide other related services, such as resolving zoning issues, drafting agreements and arranging closings.

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