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February 2017 Archives

CRE growth in the Southeast

Commercial real estate investors in Maryland may be interested to know that because of rapid growth, the southeastern part of the country is becoming a major economic player with an expanding base. With the cities of Miami and Atlanta, which account for more than half of the region's global commercial real estate investments, and the strong growth and educated workforce of smaller cities, the Southeast region would be able to form the sixth largest country in the world and would have a growth rate that would surpass that of any of the top five countries.

Oil prices and the effect on commercial real estate

Maryland commercial real estate investors and developers may have been hit hard by the plummeting price of oil in the last few years. While it might have been good for them as consumers, as business people involved in real estate, the opposite may have been true.

Commercial real estate is a factor in financial stress test

Maryland developers may have heard that the Federal Reserve is using commercial real estate as a measure of how the largest United States banks would perform if another financial crisis should occur. The annual stress test has certain criteria that must be met, and the banks that have outstanding loans have until April 5, 2017, to submit their results.

Zoning laws for commercial real estate

Before purchasing a piece of property in Maryland, it is very important to understand the property's zoning. Every jurisdiction will categorize real estate zones in different ways, but combinations of letters and numbers are usually used. For example, the code for a commercial property will typically start with the letter 'C" followed by a specific number to signify the property's subcategory.

Federal Reserve concerned about CRE speculation

While residential property prices in parts of Maryland and around the country have yet to recover the losses suffered in the wake of the financial crisis, commercial real estate values have soared in recent years. The investor services companies Moody's and Real Capital Analytics report that office, warehouse and manufacturing facility prices are now more than 20 percent higher than their pre-crisis peaks, and this has made some at the U.S. Federal Reserve nervous.

Handling complex real estate dispute matters

Maryland real estate transactions often involve complex issues, and they sometimes may lead to disputes that require litigation in order to resolve them. Whether you are a developer, seller, business, individual, investor, condominium association, tenant or commercial landlord, a lot can be at stake if you are embroiled in such a dispute.