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Common commercial lease disputes

Many Maryland business owners choose to lease space for their companies as opposed to purchasing commercial real estate. In some cases, they will have disputes with their commercial landlords about the terms of their leases or some other issues. If you are currently involved in a dispute with your commercial landlord, it may be very frustrating and may be costing your business money.

There are some common types of disputes that arise between commercial landlords and business tenants. Many disputes arise over the meaning of certain terms of the leases or failures to pay rent. Others involve repairs that are needed and whose responsibility it is to complete them.

In some cases, business tenants may want to terminate their leases before the term has expired. This may lead to disputes with the landlord. Similarly, a business that wants to terminate its lease early may have a dispute about allowing another party sublet the property for the remainder of the lease term. Receiving a return of a deposit may also be an issue for businesses in situations in which they are terminating their leases early.

The attorneys at our firm are experienced with a broad variety of real estate and commercial lease dispute matters. We often work to help their commercial clients with resolving the disputes that arise between the clients and their commercial landlords. When a client is preparing to enter into a lease, we review the contract and work to negotiate the terms in a manner that may be more beneficial for the client's business. In cases in which a resolution cannot be reached through negotiation, our attorneys may handle the issues through arbitration or in court. If you have questions about resolving disputes with your commercial landlord, you might want to review our page on the subject.

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