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How to account for commercial rental costs

Trying to determine the total cost of a commercial property rental in Maryland or elsewhere may be more complex than it seems at first glance. This is because a renter may be paying more than just the base rent for the space. Furthermore, not all square footage is considered equal inside of a commercial unit as one landlord may measure from an outer wall while another measures from the inside of a wall.

This may result in a renter paying for useless space behind a wall or that is otherwise unusable. As a general rule, an open space is more desirable than one that may have a lot of tight angles or other obstructions.

It is also important to take into account if the rent includes the use of common spaces such as a, parking lot, hallway or a bathroom. In some cases, use of these spaces may be separate from the base rent paid each month and thus may be subject to additional fees. When determining how much is being paid for a commercial space, it is important to take into account whether a landlord will require a tenant to pay percentage rent. This often arises in the case of a retail tenant in a shopping mall, and it involves the payment of a percentage of profits in addition to a base amount.

Lease agreements for commercial real estate can be complicated in other aspects as well. They need to be reviewed in detail in order to ensure that there are no provisions that can prove problematic in the future, and thus having the assistance of an experienced attorney can be advisable.

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