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Commercial lease negotiations

Maryland business owners are in most cases able to negotiate the terms of any commercial leases for the locations that they are considering. Negotiating the terms of commercial leases is a common practice and is expected by most landlords. It is especially likely that a business owner will be able to secure concessions from a prospective landlord at times when the real estate market is slower.

One area that is ripe for possible negotiation is the monthly rental amount that will be charged. The landlord may be less willing to negotiate on the inclusion or exclusion of other costs.

It is common for commercial property owners to increase rent amounts by a certain percentage each year. Business owners may sometimes be able to negotiate a grace period on any rent increases. They may also want to try to negotiate a percentage cap on any future increases that might accrue after the expiration of that grace period. The length of the lease term may be negotiable. If the property is in a good location, and the business owner is willing to stay for a longer term, the landlord may be more willing to negotiate other clauses contained in the lease.

Before signing a lease for commercial property, it is important for business owners to make certain that the property is sujitable. They may want to get help from their attorney in order to determine whether the area market is a good one for their location. The attorney may also research the zoning laws for the location to make certain that the intended business use is one that is allowed.

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