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July 2016 Archives

CRE market set for downslope

According to a forecast made by a UCLA economist in July 2016, the bull market that has characterized commercial real estate in Maryland and around the country for almost a decade is coming to an end. Although market segments like multifamily housing have grown since 2011, experts say that fewer tenants are willing to pay high monthly rental rates.

The pros and cons to consider before taking your company public

Business is good, but it could definitely be much better. You have some great ideas. The problem is that putting anything major into actions costs a lot of money. You've done the math, and you know that your best bet is getting some outside investors. Now you have a big decision to make. Should you ke the company public or stick to private investors? There are many rationalizations for either choice, so you will want to consider carefully. This is an overview of the pros and cons of going public.

Finding alternative financing for commercial real estate

Many commercial real estate developers own strip malls or multi-family properties in Maryland that are secured by loans. As a large number of these types of loans are scheduled to mature in 2017, some borrowers will be left scrambling for refinancing.

Finding ways to work with zoning laws

Maryland municipalities each have their own particular zoning laws and regulations. These rules govern what kind of enterprise may operate in any given area of the town and they are meant to prevent commercial and industrial activities from conflicting with each other or with residential use.

Commercial lease negotiations

Maryland business owners are in most cases able to negotiate the terms of any commercial leases for the locations that they are considering. Negotiating the terms of commercial leases is a common practice and is expected by most landlords. It is especially likely that a business owner will be able to secure concessions from a prospective landlord at times when the real estate market is slower.