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June 2016 Archives

How Brexit may affect commercial real estate markets

The Maryland commercial real estate market might be affected by the June decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, but analysts say it is too soon to say for certain what will happen. In the U.K., the market is likely to remain uncertain for some time. London has been popular with investors from the Middle East, but they might shift their focus to the United States if it looks as though the U.K. will be less profitable.

Retail vacancies remain high despite growing economy

While commercial real estate values in Maryland and around the country have largely recovered the losses inflicted by the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing recession, retail vacancy rates across the country remain worryingly high at about 16 percent. A growing economy and plummeting unemployment figures have fueled rabid demand for office and manufacturing space, but boarded-up retail stores are a common sight in many of the nation's 50,000 or so shopping malls.

Expected growth pushing commercial property demands

While many of sectors that enjoyed post-recession gains have slowed in growth, an area that has lagged may soon be picking up steam. According to the CEO of a leading commercial real estate broker, the office space sector is now showing signs of full recovery and signals point to growth for investors. The growth in demand for office space is expected to lead commercial property gains. The CEO clarifies why this segment is late to the game and the reasons for investors to expect future growth.

New office sharing trends may change commercial real estate

An increasing number of companies in Maryland and other states are moving away from traditional office occupancy. Instead, these firms seek to save money and create more flexible working environments by co-working, or sharing rental space with other businesses. Observers say factors like the lower cost of co-working and the informal nature of such arrangements are driving the trend's popularity, and it could also affect investors and develpers.

How to protect your business with a buy-sell agreement

If you are not the sole owner of your business, then there are events that could threaten your future. Many of life's twists and turns could leave you without one of your partners for any number of reasons, a buy-sell agreement is a way to make sure you and your company are protected from the consequences of fallout.