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Superintendents may be prevented from making personal appeals

Each year, Maryland school superintendents travel to the state capital in order to make personal appeals for needed funds for school construction projects. The annual event, colloquially known as the "beg-a-thon", has been criticized by some as being overly politicized by members of the Board of Public Works for their own agendas.

Gov. Hogan indicated that among a list of bills he would not be signing this year is the capital budget proposal. Within it, there is language included in an amendment that would end the annual day for superintendents to make their appeals for funds that are not included in the capital budget for construction projects.

Instead, superintendents would apply for the additional funding and the three-person board would decide whether to grant them based on the applications rather than the in-person appeals. The state comptroller has stated he will not sign the capital budget proposal. He believes that allowing the three-person board to decide removes transparency from the funding process and potentially cripples schools, parents and the children who attend the state's educational institutions.

Construction contracts for school projects are funded by the applicable government body. Construction companies that successfully bid on such projects must wait for funding to be approved in order to get paid for their work. Companies may want to get help from real estate attorneys in order to negotiate the contract details and to ensure payment. Attorneys may be able to negotiate the various provisions in the contracts for their clients to place them in better positions.

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