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February 2016 Archives

Beer garden plans may benefit from council zoning

Maryland residents in search of new ways to enjoy alcohol may be pleased to learn that farmers in the state have been working for legislation that could permit some farms to also operate breweries. One such bill was proposed at the state level by a Harford County executive during his time in the Maryland General Assembly. The same official subsequently moved to institute a municipal rule that would also permit the commercial consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages at the farms that produced them.

Company predicts 2016 commercial property growth

Commercial real estate financial firm Walker & Dunlop, which has offices in Maryland and around the country, believes that 2016 holds the promise of growth. The company's CEO says that 2015 was a successful year and expresses his conviction that the market will continue on healthily, noting that tumultuous debt capital and equity markets could provide opportunities for his firm to profit. The company told shareholders that in addition to realizing gains from mortgage banking, mortgage servicing rights and servicing fees also resulted in revenue.

Real estate investment strategies for entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs in Maryland and around the country are generally people of action who make decisions quickly when an opportunity presents itself. While behaving in this way can be fine when the consequences of a poor decision are relatively benign, people may wish to take a more prudent and pragmatic approach when entering the challenging and unpredictable world of real estate investment.