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January 2016 Archives

Different commercial real estate investment strategies

Maryland residents who are interested in investing in commercial real estate may avail themselves of several different approaches and strategies. The best method often depends on the amount of available capital they have and their ability to obtain loans.

Government changes rules on luxury real estate purchases

Real estate investors in Maryland may be interested in a new federal rule that will require the identification of real estate buyers who purchase luxury properties for cash in both Miami and Manhattan. The rule will require that those purchasing homes in Miami of $1 million or more and those purchasing Manhattan properties of $3 million or more be identified to the Treasury Department.

The impact of interest rate increases on the real estate market

Commercial real estate developers and investors in Maryland have been paying close attention to statements coming from the Federal Reserve in recent months as economic experts became more convinced that historically low interest rates would be increased for the first time since 2006. Janet Yellen, the Fed's chairwoman, cited inflationary concerns when she announced the long-awaited hike on Dec. 16, and economists have disagreed about the impact that the 25 basis point increase will have on real estate markets.