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November 2015 Archives

Changes in the commercial real estate market

Commercial real estate investors in Maryland are becoming much more sophisticated as new investment structures emerge. While real estate used to be thought of as an old-fashioned asset class that was ignored by institutional investors, it now makes up almost 10 percent of institutional investment portfolios. Now, institutional investors own about $6.7 trillion worth of commercial real estate properties.

Hospital construction still going strong

According to recent reports, hospital construction continues to boom across the United States. Healthcare Finance News reports that there are around 1,340 hospital projects under construction or in the planning stage. Meanwhile, Revista, a health care real estate research firm based in Maryland, reports that current hospital construction projects underway are valued at $97 billion.

Housing price appreciation uneven across the country

Maryland residents may have read headlines detailing the country's recovery from the recession. One of the metrics to which these studies point is the rebound of housing prices. Nationally, they have increased by 17 percent in just the last three years.

Death in a home may not have to be disclosed

While Maryland home buyers must receive disclosures about material defects to the homes they are interested in purchasing, nothing requires a seller to disclose if a death or violent murder occurred in a home. People who are concerned about homes in which someone died may thus want to check other sources of information to find out.