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September 2015 Archives

Online-only real estate transactions

Maryland homeowners thinking of selling their homes without a real estate agent may have more options than in previous times. Online-only agents are a quickly growing trend in the U.K. market that could be coming to the United States. The National Association of Realtors advises against this practice, explaining that realtors have valuable local information and insights to offer homeowners. Since buying a home is a major financial decision, a National Association of Realtors spokesperson cautioned home buyers against making such a major decision online.

CEO believes real estate market is not in a bubble

People involved in the commercial real estate market in Maryland may have concerns that the rising prices indicate that the market might be headed for a bubble. One real estateprofessional, however, believes that there is no real risk, at least in the multi-family unit area.

Securing capital for commercial real estate

As many commercial real estate developers in Maryland understand, the vagaries of the commercial real estate market means that they, unlike other types of entrepreneurial start-ups, must secure their funding in full prior to ever breaking ground on a new project. There are several things that developers should do when they are trying to attract investors for their project in order to make it likelier they will receive their needed capital.

Slower commercial property market could impact Maryland residents

As the real estate market enters its mature cycle, it could spell an end to earnings growth for commercial real estate companies. CBRE Group's stock declined by 14 percent in August 2015 with 7 percent of that coming in one day. In addition, HFF Inc. saw the value of its share decline by 20 percent in August 2015.