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August 2015 Archives

Market activity may affect real estate

As Maryland residents watch the volatile activity of the stock market, they may find that the swings affect their immediate plans for spending money in areas such as real estate. Many have predicted a coming correction in the stock market, but the actual drops that started in August may lead to worry for those who could face losses. Real estate is an area that can be affected both positively and negatively as the corrections play out.

Property investors may be contributing to troublesome price surge

Maryland investors may know that commercial real estate prices have been rising significantly. The investment-driven increases are cause enough for concern that the Wall Street Journal and some other news sources have even compared growth rates to the mid-2000s boom. The Federal Reserve also took note of the market rise in a July report to Congress.

Technology is changing commercial real estate

Those who want to buy or sell commercial real estate in Maryland would do well to take a lesson from the experts on how to use "big data" to make important assessments such as property value and price point. Real estate experts are using technology to supply instant information about important data, and this is changing the way that property is bought and sold.

Investor urges Macy's to consider REIT

Maryland investors may have read media reports about leading retailers taking advantage of their commercial property portfolios by forming real estate investment trusts. The investment firm Starboard Value urged Darden Restaurants to pursue this strategy in June, and the activist firm's CEO said during an investor conference on July 15 that Macy's could almost double its share price if it followed a similar path.

Avoiding common real estate myths

For many people in Maryland, the residential real estate market is something they only deal with only once or a few times in their lives. When people are in the process of selling or purchasing a home, it is understandable why they may believe certain myths about how the process works.