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July 2015 Archives

Declining prices for real estate in the Hamptons

Maryland residents who are looking to purchase real estate in the Hamptons area of Long Island may be pleased to learn that the median sales price for homes in the area is declining. Since 2014, there has been a 6.5 percent drop in the median sales price of a home in the Hamptons. The median sales price for a Hamptons home is now at $849,000.

Experts predict 2015-16 real estate market trends

Real estate investors and developers in Maryland and around the country often make their decisions after analyzing market trends and carefully considering the forecasts made by experts in the field. A Chicago-based group of advisers called the Counselors of Real Estate assess trends in the commercial and residential property markets each year, and it released its forecasts for the year ahead on June 24. According to the CRE, the behavior of two demographic groups will have the biggest impact on the U.S. real estate market in the coming year.

Short sales as a solution to an unmanageable mortgage

Maryland residents may be familiar with the high level of foreclosure activity in recent years. The idea of being underwater on one's mortgage can be frustrating, especially if there might be a need to relocate. In other cases, mortgage payments have become unmanageable because of lost jobs, household emergencies or other issues related to the local and national economy. Although the government has worked to provide solutions to keep people in their homes in the midst of financial difficulties, there are times that the programs don't resolve the situations.