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June 2015 Archives

Supreme Court makes decision on housing discrimination

Maryland residents who have been victimized by housing discrimination may gain some relief following a narrow decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. The June 2015 ruling upheld the applicability of the federal Fair Housing Act to a case in which the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. In this case, Dallas officials had applied federal vouchers more predominantly in low-income neighborhoods, and the court ruled that such action could have a disparate impact on minorities and thus be subject to the FHA even if it wasn't intentional.

Darden begins commercial property spinoff with new REIT

A new real estate investment trust will soon offer the opportunity for returns to Maryland investors. The REIT is a planned product by Darden Restaurants best known for its Longhorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden brands. The corporation is unloading hundreds of properties into the REIT in a bid to reduce debt and maintain credit standing. The REIT is then expected to diversify and take on an identity besides solely leasing commercial real estate back to Darden.

Crowding commercial property now available to all investors

People in Maryland who would like to invest in commercial real estate may now be able to do so for very little money. On June 19, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to issue new rules about crowdfunding investments that will open up these investment opportunities to people without a lot of capital.

Couple says realtor did not tell them home had snakes

A couple in Maryland is suing their real estate agent and other parties after they discovered that the home they purchased was infested with snakes. The husband and wife, who have a 9-month-old daughter and 4-year-old son, bought the Annapolis home for $410,000 in December 2014 and moved into it in January 2015. As the weather got warmer, the couple discovered snakes were living in the home.

Commercial real estate investments

People in Maryland may want to consider owning commercial real estate as a long-term investment. Unlike the stock market, commercial real estate tends to be a more stable investment that is not subject to frequent price fluctuations. While commercial real estate investors can make money through appreciation of their properties, they can also generate a steady stream of income by collecting rent from tenants.