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An overview of zoning types in Maryland

People who are considering the purchase of real estate for a specific intended use should always make certain that the area in which the property is located is zoned for it. Zoning is used within a particular jurisdiction in order to designate that areas be used for specified purposes only.

Residential zones are those that are designated for residential purposes only. Some may have further limitations on the size of the house or even the color that can be used. Some businesses are designated for only specified commercial zones, and so business owners need to check intended areas to make certain what the restrictions in them are. Industrial zones are designated for certain business purposes, such as manufacturers and others that have loud noises and deal with chemicals.

Agricultural zones are used to designate certain areas for agricultural uses, while rural zones may designate the types of ranches, farms and homes that may exist there. Historic zones may be used in areas in which there are a number of historic structures or homes, limiting new owners on how they may make improvements. Mixed-use zones are those which allow two different types of uses, such as those that are mixed-use commercial and residential.

Before entering into a real estate transaction, it is very important to check on the zoning regulations that cover that particular area. When people fail to do so, they may potentially lose significant sums of money while also being unable to use the property for their intended purpose. Those who are interested in entering into either a residential or commercial real estate transaction may want to work with a real estate attorney in researching the zoning laws. Legal counsel can also be of assistance in seeking variances for clients who have already purchased property in an area that is not zoned for the intended use.

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