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Easement agreements for real estate in Maryland

Maryland property owners or those wanting to purchase a particular piece of real estate sometimes need an easement in order to use the property in a particular manner. In some cases, an easement may be needed in order to simply access property. In others, a person may need an agreement with another person that a certain activity will not be performed on the property.

There are two types of easements that property owners can use. Affirmative easements are agreements to allow certain actions on property. Examples may include an easement granted across another person's land to install a driveway.

Negative easements, by contrast, are agreements made by the property owner not to do something. For example, an agreement may be needed to secure a promise not to build on a piece of property in a manner that obstructs a view, which might limit the height of an intended building. Others may include architectural specifications for any home that will be built on the land.

Easements may be very useful for individuals or businesses that may not otherwise be able to use a piece of property for its intended purpose. In order to secure an agreement with other property owners, people who need to secure an easement may want to consult with a real estate attorney. An attorney may be able to negotiate an affirmative easement with a neighboring property owner to help their client. They may also be able to negotiate negative easements in order to prevent the devaluation of property owned by their client due to another owner's potential actions. In the event a person is presented with a request for an easement, an attorney may be able to help evaluate the request and advise their client on how it should be handled.

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