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April 2015 Archives

Real estate transaction attorneys

Many Maryland business owners know that commercial real estate is one of their most valuable assets. When a business needs to complete a real estate transaction, it may be important to have guidance from a real estate law attorney. At the law firm of Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., our team offers a comprehensive range of services to people who are buying, selling, developing or investing in commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate forecast

Commercial real estate industry professionals and investors in Maryland may want to learn about the recent forecast for industry growth that has been issued by the Urban Land Institute Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate. The report, released on April 8, demonstrates that economists believe the commercial real estate market should experience continued growth for the next three years.

Why a rate hike is not bad news for the housing market

People interested in Maryland residential real estate transactions may be concerned about a possible interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, a move that could occur as early as June. While conventional wisdom may lead people to believe that such an increase will be bad for the market, slowing sales and costing people more money due to rising prices, a rate hike may actually be good news.

Easement agreements for real estate in Maryland

Maryland property owners or those wanting to purchase a particular piece of real estate sometimes need an easement in order to use the property in a particular manner. In some cases, an easement may be needed in order to simply access property. In others, a person may need an agreement with another person that a certain activity will not be performed on the property.