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Why Maryland businesses rely on commercial leases

Modern firms have unique requirements for the disposition and handling of critical assets, like business properties and other real estate. Companies that operate out of storefronts, warehousing facilities or manufacturing centers may find it necessary to draft customized lease agreements or amendments in order to maintain acceptable revenue streams and avoid litigation. Our commercial leasing firm works hard to prepare businesses for undesirable lease outcomes by providing the representation and consultation they need to try to make effect asset management decisions.

Our legal professionals deliver the benefits of firsthand experience in fields like eviction actions, breach of leases, lease negotiation and tenant noncompliance. We have worked with businesses on both sides of real estate disputes, so we understand how to help you resolve conflicts by pursuing resolutions that work for everyone.

We try to exercise the full range of options available to you; in addition to offering standard litigation services, like courtroom representation and paperwork filing, we can help you draft complaints, arbitrate disagreements privately and perform extrajudicial mediation. Bernstein & Feldman, P.A. has worked for upwards of 30 years to help clients prepare for trials, understand leasing contracts and take advantage of the available dispute resolution options. We also provide consultation on prospective real estate transactions so that you may not have to navigate confusing terms blindly and potentially jeopardize the health of your organization.

You might be able to learn how to deal with holdover tenants, discover your legal options for when renters fail to pay and find out about how your responsibilities as a lease-holder might impact your company's future by working with our firm. Our page on commercial real estate transactions may help you as you try to understand more about how our services might benefit your firm.

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