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March 2015 Archives

University of Maryland leases several properties

A private foundation operated by University of Maryland officials has leased several pieces of commercial real estate in College Park. UMD plans to use the commercial properties, which are valued at over $20 million, to open a string of restaurants, shops and apartments. The university foundation reportedly worked with the city to come up with a plan for the commercial real estate transactions.

Why Maryland businesses rely on commercial leases

Modern firms have unique requirements for the disposition and handling of critical assets, like business properties and other real estate. Companies that operate out of storefronts, warehousing facilities or manufacturing centers may find it necessary to draft customized lease agreements or amendments in order to maintain acceptable revenue streams and avoid litigation. Our commercial leasing firm works hard to prepare businesses for undesirable lease outcomes by providing the representation and consultation they need to try to make effect asset management decisions.

Examining a broker's responsibility to reveal property defects

Maryland residents looking to purchase commercial real estate may be interested in their rights with regard to defects in property. If the real estate broker knew about serious defects in the property, they may be liable for the damages.

Commercial real estate investments

There are many different kinds of commercial real estate that can be purchased in Maryland. By definition, commercial real estate is any property that is owned for the purpose of producing income. This means that for investors, commercial real estate could be any type of property including raw land, an apartment complex or an office building.