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Understanding various types of construction defects

Maryland construction professionals can deal with a variety of challenges in both the design and execution phases of a project. Some defects may manifest even while the project is still underway. Others may take several years to become apparent. The nature of some of these defects can be major, resulting in safety being compromised for those who use the facility in question. Other defects may be more decorative in nature. However, defective work can be inconvenient and costly for the property owner who must address these issues at a later date.

There are four primary categories into which construction defects are placed. These include design issues, material deficiencies, workmanship and subsurface problems. Design issues are typically based on professional errors by engineers or architects who create plans for a structure. These may be tied to building code errors or function problems.

Project deficiencies at the site can include the use of materials that are not appropriate or that lack in quality based on standards in the industry. Workmanship errors can also leave room for later problems with major systems, including foundations, electrical wiring and plumbing. Improper preparation of a construction site can lead to problems with the integrity of a structure as a whole. Settling and cracks are examples of common issues related to the subsurface.

A homeowner whose structure has been renovated or recently built might wonder about issues such as excessive cracks in ceilings, walls or floors. An investigation of noted issues may provide information about the reason for the flaws, and if contractor errors or design mistakes are identified, legal action against the appropriate construction professional might be warranted. A real estate lawyer may be helpful for providing direction in seeking information about responsibility for such errors while also coordinating any related legal action.

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