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February 2015 Archives

Maryland commercial real property leases

When a commercial tenant enters into a lease, it could be a gross lease or a net lease. A gross lease means that the rent will encompass all of the expenses related to renting a building. A net lease means that the tenant pays a lower rate of rent, but it will also have to pay certain additional expenses.

Dealing with issues involving construction defects in Maryland

When a new home is built in a defective manner, the homeowner may believe that the contractor who built the home is liable for that defect. There are a variety of allegations that can be made, including that the contractor engaged in negligent behavior, breached a contract between the two parties or acted in a fraudulent manner.

Understanding various types of construction defects

Maryland construction professionals can deal with a variety of challenges in both the design and execution phases of a project. Some defects may manifest even while the project is still underway. Others may take several years to become apparent. The nature of some of these defects can be major, resulting in safety being compromised for those who use the facility in question. Other defects may be more decorative in nature. However, defective work can be inconvenient and costly for the property owner who must address these issues at a later date.