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Construction disputes and legal issues

Construction projects in Maryland affect many parties, and disputes can crop up for various reasons. Resolution is not always easy, making it important to consider legal assistance as you attempt to work through misunderstandings. Although litigation may be the eventual direction taken as you try to reach that resolution, there may be alternative steps that can minimize court costs and time.

Claims may arise over design and construction activities as a client notes flaws. Structural flaws could lead to serious safety problems, making it important to pinpoint the reasons for such flaws. In some cases, the issues might be fixable. In other cases, your project could be dramatically delayed as corrections are made. Your legal team may need to investigate to identify whether your design team or contractor has been negligent. You may also face issues with delays and costs that exceed your expectations. In such cases, your legal team may need to address the terms of your contract that have not been successfully met.

As a construction professional, you may need to deal with a client who has failed to pay in a timely manner. You might deal with frequent change requests that result in delays as well. You may also deal with claims of defects when there are no defects. Appropriate representation is important if you need to stand firm against false claims.

Effective representation for your construction project issues may become a concern as you move through various deadlines and meet with difficulties. However, selection of a legal team at the outset may allow you to identify potential problems before they become serious problems. As you consider your project, you can read our construction defects page to learn more about possible concerns and approaches to dealing with them.

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