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January 2015 Archives

Undisclosed defects when purchasing a home

As Maryland homeowners may know, buying a new house may be a joyous occasion until the buyer is faced with a major defect in the home that was not disclosed. For instance, an undisclosed leak in the roof may be a costly repair and may damage interior wiring and insulation. However, the new homeowner may have recourse to recover damages for a hidden defect.

Construction disputes and legal issues

Construction projects in Maryland affect many parties, and disputes can crop up for various reasons. Resolution is not always easy, making it important to consider legal assistance as you attempt to work through misunderstandings. Although litigation may be the eventual direction taken as you try to reach that resolution, there may be alternative steps that can minimize court costs and time.

A guide to the various types of zoning

Towns and cities in Maryland and throughout the country use zoning regulations as a way to organize and regulate growth and make sure that areas have designated uses. Such regulations govern land use and other activities within a town or city. There are several different kinds of zoning, including historic, rural, agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential. Following is a brief description of a few zoning categories and what kinds of structures and uses are associated with them.

Maryland homeowners and insurance coverage for natural disasters

In Maryland and other states, homeowners may be surprised to find that the terms of their home insurance policies are not what they seem. In the interest of reducing the cost of paid claims, most insurance companies offer varying coverage for natural disasters known as 'acts of God." In many cases, homeowners living near high-risk areas for a natural disaster may have limited or nonexistent coverage in the event that their home is hit by a flood, hurricane, tornado or landslide.