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Construction disputes in Maryland

Those involved in construction projects or careers may find that they face contract disputes at times, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to ensure that goals such as deadlines are met. Although it may not be possible to avoid all disputes, having your contracts drafted by an experienced legal team may help in limiting the possibility for misunderstandings. When disputes do occur, it is possible to work with these same professionals to address the issues according to the law.

A thorough understandings of all angles of a contract can be helpful in mitigating a dispute. Each party to a contract may be focused on the needs of their company and job, and an experienced construction and real estate lawyer may be able to help in working toward an acceptable resolution without the need for litigation. At the same time, that professional's understanding makes it possible to take stronger action if necessary to achieve compliance with a contract.

Disputes may involve various phases of a construction project or even occur after a building has been completed and turned over to a customer. Defective work claims or malpractice on the part of an architect or engineer could occur as problems with a structure are noted. Liens based on nonpayment could become an issue. A claim of cost overrun could also occur. You may be on either side of such an issue, and resolution may depend on the understanding of the situation. Whether a case is subject to arbitration or ends up in court, solid representation is important.

If you are drafting a contract or dealing with a dispute with a party to a construction contract, you may find that an objective review of the situation provides direction in how to proceed. You can learn more by reviewing our construction contracts page.

Source: Bernstein & Feldman P.A., "Annapolis Construction Law Firm", December 10, 2014

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