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December 2014 Archives

Challenges to zoning ordinances

As Maryland residents may know, local governments use zoning as a way to protect the health and welfare of residents as well as the characteristics of a particular area. On occasion, the governing body may initiate a rezoning plan that may infringe on property owners' rights. In such cases, the landowner may seek to either waive or challenge the new zoning requirements.

Maryland adverse possession laws

Maryland residents interested in real estate transactions may wish to know more about a state real estate law that may seem counterintuitive. This law allows others to unlawfully possess land for a period of time in order to gain ownership of that property.

How to put a stop to foreclosure in Maryland

When a homeowner is falling behind on mortgage payments that could result in the possibility of foreclosure, there are a number of effective methods for solving the problem. Several involve money, but several others do not. They may, however, involve executing an agreement with the lender or going through the court process.

Construction disputes in Maryland

Those involved in construction projects or careers may find that they face contract disputes at times, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to ensure that goals such as deadlines are met. Although it may not be possible to avoid all disputes, having your contracts drafted by an experienced legal team may help in limiting the possibility for misunderstandings. When disputes do occur, it is possible to work with these same professionals to address the issues according to the law.

Zoning considerations in Maryland

When a business is considering the purchase of commercial real estate, it is important to research the applicable zoning in the area in which the property is located prior to making any offers. If the property is located in a zone that forbids the type of desired business use, the purchase will end up being useless no matter how good the price for the property may be.

How can someone avoid a mechanic's lien?

Maryland property owners should know what a mechanic's lien is. A mechanic's lien is a legal claim that a subcontractor or a supplier can make against a property if they have not received payment for their work by the general contractor. Regardless of whether the general contractor has been paid for all of the work done, the claim puts the financial burden on the property owner.