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November 2014 Archives

Annexation considerations and procedures in Annapolis

Annexation is the process by which unincorporated land around Annapolis is acquired for development. The City Council considers petitions for annexation based on a number of factors. Petitions are generally looked upon favorably when granting them is likely to promote economic development and improve the quality of life of Annapolis residents. The council considers petitions for land that will be developed immediately as well as proposals for future development. While the council considers the benefits that a proposed project would bring to the city as a whole, a petition is unlikely to be granted if property values in the area are expected to suffer.

Maryland mechanic's liens

The state of Maryland provides the ability of people who have repaired, improved or constructed real property to seek payment for the work performed by placing mechanic's liens against the property. By seeking and obtaining a mechanic's lien, contractors may ensure they are compensated for the work they performed for the property owner.

Addressing construction defects in Maryland

Unfortunately, sometimes construction companies make construction errors, resulting in defects that can lead to structural and other problems. People are able to file a construction defect claim in order to recover damages, as long as they file the claim within Maryland's applicable statute of limitations.