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What should I do if I have a complaint about a Maryland realtor?

While the vast majority of real estate licensees in Maryland are honest, issues may come up during a given transaction. Buyers or sellers who feel as if they have suffered a loss may file a claim against a licensee. Any complaint that is filed must be done under oath and in writing, and it must state how much was lost due to the licensee's actions.

When filing a complaint, it may be possible to include documentation and any other facts to support the claim being made. If a complaint is made against the Guaranty Fund, the claim must be related to real estate within the state of Maryland. The maximum payout for such a claim is $25,000 of losses paid out-of-pocket. No punitive damages will be awarded, and commissions either paid or received cannot be part of such a complaint.

No claim may be made for anticipated or expected losses due to a real estate broker or an associate providing information or services under false pretenses. The form used to file such a complaint may be downloaded from the Internet. Prior to filing a complaint, it may be possible to see previous actions that may have been taken against the particular licensee.

Those who feel as if they have been misled during real estate transactions may seek the help of a real estate attorney who may be able to help a client file a complaint and provide representation in court if a case reaches trial. It also may be possible to settle such a a real estate complaint outside of court.

Source: Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, "A Consumer's Guide for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in MD - Maryland Real Estate Commission ", October 24, 2014

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