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October 2014 Archives

What should I do if I have a complaint about a Maryland realtor?

While the vast majority of real estate licensees in Maryland are honest, issues may come up during a given transaction. Buyers or sellers who feel as if they have suffered a loss may file a claim against a licensee. Any complaint that is filed must be done under oath and in writing, and it must state how much was lost due to the licensee's actions.

What is a certificate of merit?

A number of states have begun requiring certificates of merit before someone can file suit against a design professional, and Maryland is one of them. Professional engineers often carry malpractice insurance due to the amount of liability they face for allegations of breaches of contract, property damage and personal injury or wrongful death due to negligence or malpractice on their part. As a result, engineers are often targeted by individuals seeking relief for alleged harm.

Understanding homestead laws in Maryland

A homeowner facing serious financial challenges might worry about the loss of a home in case of bankruptcy. Most states, including Maryland, have laws that offer certain protections in such cases. By designating a property as a homestead, it may be protected from action by creditors of certain types.

Understanding the transfer of property in Maryland

Maryland property owners or potential homebuyers who choose to participate in a real estate transaction may deal with a number of professionals throughout the process. Many might do business with a qualified real estate broker. However, it can be important to insure that the professional is licensed to provide brokerage services by the state. The licensure is generally offered through the state's real estate commission.

Guiding principles for land use in Annapolis

In October 2009, the Annapolis City Council adopted Resolution R-32-09, which is also known as the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan. The third chapter of that plan establishes principles and goals for land use and economic development. Some of these principles may affect how some entities may have to approach zoning requirements.