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How landowners can change the zoning on their property

Landowners and property developers in Maryland might want to learn about the different types of land use laws. The way a piece of property can be used by the landowner is governed by zoning regulations. If a landowner wishes to change the zoning of the property, they may decide to file an application to rezone the parcel.

Besides a complete zoning change, there are other means for a landowner to change how a piece of property can be used. For instance, an owner may decide to apply for a variance which would allow a landowner to do something different on their property that is normally not allowed in that particular area. In order to be granted a variance, the landowner would need to show that zoning regulations have created a hardship in the use of the property.

A landowner who is granted a nonconforming use permit would not be required to go through a rezoning process or apply for a variance. A nonconforming use permit is designed for landowners who used their property in a specific way before conflicting zoning laws took effect. Another way that the zoning of a property may be changed is with a conditional use permit. This type of permit is normally approved if the new use of the land would be a benefit to the larger community.

Because land use laws can be complex, many landowners who wish to change the zoning of their property enlist legal assistance. After looking into the specifics of what a person would like to do with their property, a real estate law attorney may be able to help the landowner to achieve their goal by presenting a sound case for a zoning change to city officials.

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