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Construction defect causes and remedies

Maryland residents and businesses dealing with construction defects may want to know more about what causes a defect and how a person can be compensated for damages incurred as a result of a defect. The term "construction defect" applies to any deficiency in a new home or other building resulting from a failure to design or construct the building in a workmanlike manner or a failure of the building or a portion of the building to perform as intended.

In some cases, a person or business may suffer considerable damage if they must live in or work out of a building containing construction defects. For example, the market value of a home could suffer, or a person's health might be compromised by water intrusion that results in mold or mildew. Businesses may have to make unbudgeted building improvements in order to successfully operate their business in a building with structural defects.

Construction defects can result from any number of stages required to construct a building, from the design phase to the final inspection phase. Some of the more common defects include structural integrity, electrical and mechanical defects, and water intrusion. From a legal perspective, construction defect categories usually include deficiencies in design, materials, construction or subsurface.

When structural defects are discovered, an attorney might be helpful in reviewing contract documents and recommending a course of action that seeks remuneration. If the building design failed to meet code or the building was constructed with inferior materials, it might be possible to force the designers or contractors to make corrections. It also might be possible for a person or a business who has suffered financial harm as the result of a construction defect to receive compensation for their damages.

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