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August 2014 Archives

Maryland court strikes down referendum from grassroots group

The Court of Special Appeals in Maryland affirmed a decision by the Howard County Board of Elections superintendent to deny a planned referendum by a grassroots group. The group, Citizens Working to Fix Howard County, was hoping to put certain zoning changes passed by the county council up for a public vote in November.

How landowners can change the zoning on their property

Landowners and property developers in Maryland might want to learn about the different types of land use laws. The way a piece of property can be used by the landowner is governed by zoning regulations. If a landowner wishes to change the zoning of the property, they may decide to file an application to rezone the parcel.

Examining contractor liability for defects in construction

Maryland homeowners may be interested in an article discussing some of the ways that a contractor can be held liable for faulty work. These various causes of action can help the homeowner enforce the construction agreements and achieve the desired remedy.

Construction defect causes and remedies

Maryland residents and businesses dealing with construction defects may want to know more about what causes a defect and how a person can be compensated for damages incurred as a result of a defect. The term "construction defect" applies to any deficiency in a new home or other building resulting from a failure to design or construct the building in a workmanlike manner or a failure of the building or a portion of the building to perform as intended.