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May 2014 Archives

Chilies, like house guests, can be a real nuisance after a while p2

Before we continue with the story of the Sriracha sauce manufacturer and its hometown, we should note that the parties have resolved their legal dispute. The company was on the verge of being declared a public nuisance by the Irwindale city council -- the plant is in California, not Maryland -- when the council voted to drop the matter. The reason is not quite clear, because the council met behind closed doors. For now, though, things are looking up for Sriracha lovers and, of course, the company.

Chilies, like house guests, can be a real nuisance after a while

If you were wondering why there is a rooster on the bottle of Sriracha sauce, wonder no more. David Tran, the man who introduced Sriracha to the American public, was born in the year of the rooster. Tran moved to Los Angeles in 1979 from his native Vietnam. By the end of 1980, he had opened the Sriracha manufacturing operation in a downtown warehouse.

Senior housing market on the upswing, prepping for boomers

While the developers of Crystal Spring in Annapolis are struggling to win the community's approval, senior housing developers in other parts of the country are having more luck. Nationwide, the supply of senior housing units has returned to levels not seen since late 2005, before the housing bust and the recession. Better yet, those units are not sitting empty: The 89.8 percent occupancy rate is the best the market has seen since 2008.

Maryland officials rethink zoning laws about parking spaces

When it comes to commercial real estate in crowded downtown areas, it may seem that outdoor public parking lots are a dying breed. According to a recent article, many local residents of Bethesda and Silver Spring might share this sentiment.

Are you struggling with a squatter on your property?

When Americans think of the word “squatters” they likely conjure images of individuals making their homes on property far from urban areas and far from any real consequences. However, modern squatters often opt to make their homes on either commercial or residential property in urban areas and suburban areas. When many modern squatters attempt to move onto another’s property, very real consequences may result from this decision.