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April 2014 Archives

Crystal Spring developers make a major concession - is it enough?

After five years of trying, the developers of Crystal Spring in Annapolis may finally have come up with an acceptable plan. In truth, the plan may be acceptable to the city but unacceptable to environmental groups and residents. We have written about the project and the struggle to devise a plan that meets everyone's needs before, most recently in October 2013.

Maryland's apartment market is thriving, more construction ahead

For those of us who remember the frenetic conversion of apartment buildings into condominiums during the real estate boom, it may feel strange to see so much apartment construction activity these days. According to the Maryland Department of Housing and Development, permits for multifamily projects rose an impressive 63.7 percent from January to February. From 2013, the increase of 394.5 percent was mindboggling. The national numbers were good, but they did not come near Maryland's: 28.6 percent month-over-month and 23.8 percent year-over-year.

Construction isn't booming near Fort Meade: WWII shell was a dud p2

We are talking about defects in real property law. The topic may sound a little like a law school class, but anyone buying or selling property should understand how the law treats patent (obvious) and latent (hidden) defects. Please note, though, that this is meant as a general discussion, not a close explanation of Maryland law.

Construction isn't booming near Fort Meade: WWII shell was a dud

Maryland is nothing if not proud of its ties to the military. The U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, a number of army bases around the state, the air facility that most of us still think of as Andrews Air Force Base and the famous, if not infamous, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda all add up to a significant military presence here. And, thanks to the Maryland's superior ports, that presence goes back a couple of centuries at least.