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November 2013 Archives

Court of Appeals sides with Johns Hopkins

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals has sided with Johns Hopkins University in relation to a legal battle over real estate. In 1989, Johns Hopkins purchased Belward Farm, a 108-acre farm valued at $54 million, for $5 million. The balance of the value was considered a charitable donation. A relative of the woman who sold the farm is arguing that the university has violated one of the purchase agreements.

Mediation fails to resolve Foundry Row dispute

Development of Foundry Row in Owings Mills, Maryland, has not been easy. The project, a shopping center with office space, ran into opposition from other businesses in 2012 when the developer sought to rezone the site for retail. With that hurdle out of the way, the developer moved forward with planning and with the demolition of the Solo Cup Co. plant that occupies the site.

Civility is key in landlord-tenant disputes

Real estate disputes can come in all shapes and sizes -- not literally, but you get the point. Sometimes a real estate deal may be agreed to, only for one of the sides to abruptly pull out of the deal. In other scenarios, leasing or land zoning conflicts could make a real estate deal a living nightmare.