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Hell no, she won't go! Lease dispute turns into a 'lock-in'

A nudist club is attempting to sever ties with a woman who lives in a cabin on the organization's southern Anne Arundel County property. The club claims that the 54-year-old canceled her membership and, as a result, forfeited her right to live on the grounds. After prevailing in a recent court hearing, the club went so far as to padlock the cabin's front door.

The woman refuses to be locked out, and, instead, she locked herself in. She leaves the cabin infrequently, and when she does, she locks the doors from the inside and climbs out -- and back in -- through a window. She has another 43 years on her lease, and she will not leave, she says, until she gets her investment back.

She joined the nudist club in 2010, when she paid $10,000 for the cabin. Over the next couple of years, she made about $15,000 in improvements to the 500-square-foot space; she was there for the long haul, apparently, because she signed a 46-year lease.

The dispute started, she says, when she complained to the board of directors that camp residents were losing sight of the nudist philosophy; the atmosphere, she explained, had become more "sex club" than nudist club. She told the club that she was aware of inappropriate behavior. She ended her communication by saying that she was planning to leave and would like to sell her long-term cabin lease. She started looking for a buyer.

The board of directors interpreted the letter a little differently. We'll explain more in our next post.

Source: Baltimore Sun, "Amid legal dispute, nudist hunkers down in cabin," Arthur Hirsch, Sept. 6, 2013

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