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Hell no, she won't go! Lease dispute turns into a 'lock-in' p2

We are returning to our discussion of a woman who refuses to vacate a cabin located in a nudist camp. The dispute between her and the nudist organization quickly turned into a lawsuit currently pending in Anne Arundel County Court.

The trouble started, the woman says, when she wrote a letter to the organization's board of directors complaining about the overall demeanor of the camp. She closed the letter, she says, explaining that she intended to resign her membership as soon as she could find a buyer for the remaining 43 years of her 46-year lease. She paid $10,000 in 2010 for the lease and has put an additional $15,000 into improvements to the cabin.

The board read the letter as her notice that she was planning to sell and wanted out of the club. After meeting to discuss the matter, they emailed her in February that the board supported her request to leave and, so, would not be renewing her membership for 2013. In March, she received her dues check back in the mail.

According to the lease agreement, the board may terminate the agreement if the leaseholder is no longer a member of the club. The agreement also says that the club need not compensate the leaseholder for any time left on the lease. As for the $15,000 in improvements, the agreement stipulates that the leaseholder is responsible for paying for maintenance and improvements to the property.

The woman's perspective is much different. She says the board revoked her membership, ordered her off the property and locked her out of the cabin. (With the help of a friend, she got rid of the padlock and now locks the doors from the inside to protect her interests. She comes and goes seldom, but when she does she climbs through a window.)

According to her attorney, there is a valid lease. If the club wants her out they will have to go through a formal eviction, he added.

It is not likely she will be able to sell the lease while the lawsuit is still pending. There are legal reasons, of course, but there is a more practical reason: She needs club privileges to show the property.

Source: Baltimore Sun, "Amid legal dispute, nudist hunkers down in cabin," Arthur Hirsch, Sept. 6, 2013

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