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October 2013 Archives

Zoning decision not 'just business' for Howard County residents p2

A property owner has come under fire from the neighborhood after he expanded his plans for his parcel. The property is in Howard County, Maryland, just west of Anne Arundel County, and it had been zoned residential until May 2011. The City Council approved the owner's request to change the zoning to business when he explained that he wanted to add a small café to the property to bring in money during the off months for his existing garden center business.

Zoning decision not 'just business' for Howard County residents

A group of residents in Howard County, Maryland, are learning a hard lesson about zoning laws. Concerned that a property owner had "pulled a 'bait and switch'" on local government officials, they recently took the issue to representatives of the County Council. At that meeting, they learned that they will have to approach their problem from a different angle.

Much-revised City Dock plan could go to a vote on Oct. 28

The Annapolis City Council should be ready to vote on the City Dock plan at its last October meeting, though there is still time for more amendments to the controversial proposal. The council heard more testimony this week about the project's negative impact on the charm and small-town feel of the Annapolis harbor. The council also heard from one citizen who is disappointed that some changes were made to the original proposal.

Council asked to add schools to development impact checklist

A battle is brewing at the Annapolis City Council that once again pits residential real estate developers against current city residents, especially residents with school-age children. The debate is over proposed legislation that would add school capacity to the city's analysis of housing development proposals.

Hell no, she won't go! Lease dispute turns into a 'lock-in' p2

We are returning to our discussion of a woman who refuses to vacate a cabin located in a nudist camp. The dispute between her and the nudist organization quickly turned into a lawsuit currently pending in Anne Arundel County Court.

Shopping mall redevelopment approved by county officials

The redevelopment of a shopping mall in Eldersburg, Maryland was approved recently by the Carroll County Planning Commission. The approval clears the way for construction to start on the project that will cost an estimated $50 million. 

Hell no, she won't go! Lease dispute turns into a 'lock-in'

A nudist club is attempting to sever ties with a woman who lives in a cabin on the organization's southern Anne Arundel County property. The club claims that the 54-year-old canceled her membership and, as a result, forfeited her right to live on the grounds. After prevailing in a recent court hearing, the club went so far as to padlock the cabin's front door.