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August 2013 Archives

Gas station resolution a 24/7 headache for Baltimore zoning board

A coalition of community groups is appealing a resolution passed by the Baltimore Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals. The resolution concerns the proposed development of a gas station and convenience store at a busy and confusing intersection in a mostly residential part of the city.

A room with no view: Homeowners back in court over dune project p4

We are finishing up our discussion of a court case that is not from Maryland but that easily could have been. A town on a barrier island had the foresight to contract with the Army Corps of Engineers on a project to increase the height of dunes and the depth of beaches, regardless of whether the beaches were public or private.

A room with no view: Homeowners back in court over dune project p3

We get very few opportunities to write about eminent domain. For the most part, that's a good thing, because we usually write about takings when the government screws something up or a property owner disputes the government's purpose for the taking. Most recently, the subject has come up as municipalities try to find ways to clean up after natural disasters -- Hurricane Sandy, flooding, tornadoes, all have opened the doors to creative applications of the process.