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June 2013 Archives

Crystal Spring opposition mounts while developer stands firm

Opponents to the Crystal Spring Annapolis project held a meeting recently in an effort to coordinate the campaign to stop the development. Before the meeting, a representative from the development company suggested that the opposition basically amounted to a "couple dozen vocal critics."

'Farm Road' dispute: Now you see it - now you don't, part 2

We are talking about the problems facing a group of property owners in Silver Spring, Maryland. In the early 2000s, a developer submitted a plan for a subdivision that the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission approved. The problem was that the documents either mistakenly or deliberately failed to include an access road known as "Farm Road." In Montgomery County records, the road simply ceased to exist, like the legendary town of Brigadoon.

'Farm Road' dispute: Now you see it - now you don't

The controversy over Sandy Spring's "Farm Road" is back in the news with the adamant denial of Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler that his office was ever investigating the matter. Others involved in the matter say they have met a number of times with attorneys from Gansler's office. Gansler's critics say he is trying to duck responsibility for the mess than Farm Road homeowners find themselves in.

Recovery in sight for commercial real estate market

When Congress failed to find an alternative to sequestration, real estate professionals and investors took a deep breath and crossed fingers and toes that the mandatory spending cuts would not stall the steady growth of the commercial real estate market. The financial crunch would not hit the residential real estate market quite the same way and quite as quickly. In some ways it is as simple as this: When budgets are cut, businesses need less space for people and products.

Anti-concurrent causation clause law signed in Maryland - so?

We are continuing our discussion of a new law that will affect every Maryland resident with homeowners insurance. Superstorm Sandy is part of the reason legislators decided to require insurers to mail a notice regarding anti-concurrent causation clauses to policyholders.