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November 2012 Archives

Town has plan for neglected properties; would Maryland follow suit?

The subject of eminent domain does not come up often, but local governments may be using it more often in the wake of the real estate bust. With the commercial real estate market still struggling, communities are looking for ways to kick start troubled properties, from single business sites to strip malls.

Lease dispute leads to lawsuit against software tester

There is a lot that goes in to running a business. There are the basics, like hiring employees, keeping up with supply demands and managing accounts. And while all of these are essential, it's also important to make sure that the space that the business is running out of is being paid for.

Counties dig into septic, sewer restrictions on new developments

A number of counties in the state are currently reviewing some proposed new legislation concerning septic systems. Those who have proposed this new law for Maryland believe that it could spur more development of current water and sewer facilities and discourage creating more septics in local areas.

If you ask the family, farm's future lies in earlier agreement

The Montgomery County, Maryland, farm that belonged to Elizabeth Beall Banks is the subject of a dispute between Johns Hopkins University and Banks' family. Banks died in 2005, more than 15 years after she made a pact with the university: She would sell Hopkins the land for far below market value, and Hopkins, in turn, would develop an academic campus there.

If you ask Johns Hopkins, farm's future lies in 18 little words

It took a few years for Johns Hopkins University to decide what to do with Belward Farm, the Montgomery County property sold to the university in 1989. When Hopkins revealed the preliminary plans, the family of the woman who sold the farm objected. Elizabeth Beall Banks' nephew claims the development is not in line with his aunt's wishes.