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August 2012 Archives

Giant vs. Save Your Annapolis Neck: the feud continues

Giant grocery store is continuing its effort to build an incentive-based gas station in its shopping center parking lot to serve the citizens of Annapolis. However, some residents are against the new gas station. Their group, Save Your Annapolis Neck, is continuing with its petition drives and multiple court appeals to stop the station from being built. Rather than welcoming the new station, residents have claimed that the station will create a safety hazard, as there would be considerably more traffic and a greater toll on the environment. This is just one commercial real estate deal out of several that are being planned for Annapolis Neck.

New law from the little old winemaker Anne Arundel County

The wine culture has taken a solid hold in the U.S. over the past 10 or 15 years, and the increased popularity has changed the industry. As consumers have learned more about grapes and fermentation, they have become more adventurous, more willing to experiment with different kinds of wine and different pairings of wine and food. This is not your mother's wine and cheese party anymore.

Carroll County commission to set stage for future development

Businesses located or planning to locate in Carroll County, Maryland, may be interested to know about the latest talks among that county's planning commission. The commission is in the process of rewriting its "2010 Carroll County Master Plan" for land use and zoning, but first they must determine the county's role in those actions.

Assisted-living facility zoning at issue in historic Lutherville

The longtime owners of an assisted-living complex would like to build a new facility on their property, one that will not require as much maintenance. The new facility would, however, require a zoning change.