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July 2012 Archives

Turmoil in real estate market troubling for businesses

With interest in golf at a low and the market for luxury homes in turmoil as a result of the economy, land in luxury golf communities is often now available at rock-bottom prices. In one instance, amazingly enough, the owner of such a lot was willing to essentially give it away for free, and to even cover the $15,000 golf club initiation fee and first-year annual dues for the purchaser, just to get out from under the continuing expenses of owning the lot. The chaotic market for commercial real estate can lead to many problems for businesses, making the services of an experienced real estate attorney more valuable than ever.

Maryland B&B owners ordered to stop violating zoning laws

If you're the owner of a small business, you might assume what you do on your own property, provided that the activity itself is legal, is up to you. But zoning and land use laws don't always jibe with that notion. There are limits to the business you can conduct if the land underneath or around it isn't zoned for that purpose.

Better septic systems in Maryland would cut pollution, cost more

It's an all-too-common conflict between business and nature: New technology designed to reduce pollution and other negative effects on the environment often costs more, making developers and business owners reluctant to adopt it. We're seeing this conflict once again with a proposal by Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration requiring all new construction to use the best available technology in septic systems.

Effort to preserve historic home could result in its demolition

The owners of a historic home in the city of Frederick, Maryland, have filed for a permit to demolish it, but only after getting word that the city was looking for a way to preserve it. It's a rather ironic land use and zoning issue, one that reminds us of the various interests that form real estate disputes.