The Platinum Settlement Experience

Only Mid-Maryland Title Company offers its clients the Platinum Settlement Experience. It is an unfortunate truism in choosing a settlement provider that you can pay for a Lexus and get a Yugo or pay for a Yugo and get a Lexus. It is one of the few times a consumer can choose to have an experienced real estate attorney perform a settlement at a cost equal to or less than a non-attorney settlement offer.

At Mid-Maryland Title, we offer the Platinum Settlement Experience. When you choose to settle with MMT, you will find:

  • All settlements are performed by our experienced real estate attorneys, named "Leading Lawyers" in real estate in 2009 and 2010 Annapolis by their peers.
  • All clients receive one hour of free legal services associated with their transactions, which could include contract review or any pre- or post-settlement issue.
  • All clients receive a complimentary one-half hour consultation with Bernstein & Feldman, P.A., in a field of its practice after settlement.
  • We guarantee that our settlement fee is the lowest you can find from any legitimate settlement provider.
  • Our highly qualified staff is always ready and willing to answer any and all questions and deal with the many issues that arise in the settlement process.
  • You can be sure that your funds that you entrust to us are used for your benefit and not ours. Unlike many settlement companies, we do not sweep your escrowed funds into our account to earn interest on your funds. Each dollar of interest earned at MMT goes to the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust. Therefore, you can be reassured that our pay-offs and disbursements will go out to the proper recipients at the earliest possible time rather than stay in our account to earn interest.
  • We are not owned by any real estate or mortgage company. You can be assured that we will look after your interests rather than those of any third party.

We believe that a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Treat it like it is important.