Mid-Maryland Title Company

Mid-Maryland Title Company, Inc. is a real estate settlement company that handles commercial and residential real estate settlements in Maryland.

Mid-Maryland Title was formed by Alan Bernstein and Jerry Feldman, long-time area real estate attorneys, with vast experience representing home buyers and sellers, financial institutions and developers.

The attorneys at Mid-Maryland Title have substantial experience in both commercial and residential real estate that enable them to handle complex title issues. From reviewing the sales contract to conducting the title search and preparing the title commitment and settlement statement, all of the pre-closing work is done efficiently and with attention to detail, and we take a problem-solving approach to each component of the settlement process. The settlement is conducted with similar efficiency, with Mid-Maryland Title preparing the necessary documents and facilitating the all-important exchange of information between the buyer and the seller. All purchase settlements are conducted by an attorney, and not by a settlement agent. The completion of the transaction from the recording of the deed to the distribution of funds is an equally smooth process for all parties.

In addition, for transactions not involving real estate agents, our attorneys can prepare the sales contract and assist in all aspects of the transaction.

Personal service, experience in every kind of real estate transaction and the support of one of Anne Arundel County's most respected law firms make Mid-Maryland Title a leader among area settlement companies.

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